Orotidine-5'-Phosphate Decarboxylase


Carboxy-Lyase, Orotidine Phosphate

Decarboxylase, OMP

Decarboxylase, Orotidine-5'-Phosphate

Decarboxylase, Orotidine-5-Phosphate

Decarboxylase, Orotidylate

OMP Decarboxylase

Orotidine 5 Phosphate Decarboxylase

Orotidine 5' Phosphate Decarboxylase

Orotidine Phosphate Carboxy Lyase

Orotidine Phosphate Carboxy-Lyase

Orotidine-5'-phosphate carboxy-lyase

Orotidine-5-Phosphate Decarboxylase

Orotidylate Decarboxylase

Phosphate Carboxy-Lyase, Orotidine

Orotidine-5'-phosphate carboxy-lyase. Catalyzes the decarboxylation of orotidylic acid to yield uridylic acid in the final step of the pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthesis pathway. EC