4 Carboxyglutamic Protein, Bone

4-Carboxyglutamic Protein, Bone

Bone 4-Carboxyglutamic Protein

Bone Gla Protein

Bone gamma Carboxyglutamic Acid Protein

Bone gamma-Carboxyglutamic Acid Protein

Calcium Binding Protein, Vitamin K Dependent

Calcium-Binding Protein, Vitamin K-Dependent

Gla Protein, Bone

Osteocalcin (human reduced), 3-de-L-tyrosine-4-de-L-glutamine-5-de-L-tryptophan-6-de-L-leucine-9-L-serine-12-L-serine-19-L-threonine-22-L-glutamine-28-L-alanine-33-L-serine-35-L-glutamine-36-L-tyrosine-38-L-leucine-39-L-lysine-40-L-threonine-43-L-lysine-45-L-isoleucine-48-L-isoleucine-49-L-threonine-49a-L-isoleucine-

Protein, Bone 4-Carboxyglutamic

Protein, Bone Gla

Vitamin K Dependent Bone Protein

Vitamin K-Dependent Bone Protein

Vitamin K-dependent calcium-binding protein synthesized by OSTEOBLASTS and found primarily in BONES. Serum osteocalcin measurements provide a noninvasive specific marker of bone metabolism. The protein contains three residues of the amino acid gamma-carboxyglutamic acid (Gla), which, in the presence of CALCIUM, promotes binding to HYDROXYAPATITE and subsequent accumulation in BONE MATRIX.