Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein


Hormone-Related Protein, Parathyroid

Hypercalcemic Factor, Tumor

Hypercalcemic Hormone of Malignancy

PTH Like Protein

PTH Like Tumor Factor

PTH Related Peptide

PTH-Like Protein

PTH-Related Peptide


Parathyroid Hormone Like Protein

Parathyroid Hormone Like Tumor Factor

Parathyroid Hormone Related Peptide

Parathyroid Hormone Related Protein

Parathyroid Hormone-Like Protein

Parathyroid Hormone-Related Peptide

Tumor Hypercalcemic Factor

A ubiquitously expressed, secreted protein with bone resorption and renal calcium reabsorption activities that are similar to PARATHYROID HORMONE. It does not circulate in appreciable amounts in normal subjects, but rather exerts its biological actions locally. Overexpression of parathyroid hormone-related protein by tumor cells results in humoral calcemia of malignancy.