Patient Self-Determination Act


Law 101-508, Public

PL 101 508

PL 101-508

PL101 508



Patient Self Determination Act

Public Law 101 508

Public Law 101-508

Self-Determination Act, Patient

United States Patient Self Determination Act

United States Patient Self-Determination Act

The purpose of this 1990 federal act is to assure that individuals receiving health care services will be given an opportunity to participate in and direct health care decisions affecting themselves. Under this act, hospitals, health care agencies, and health maintenance organizations are responsible for developing patient information for distribution. The information must include patients' rights, advance directives, living wills, ethics committees' consultation and education functions, limited medical treatment (support/comfort care only), mental health treatment, resuscitation, restraints, surrogate decision making and transfer of care. (from JCAHO, Lexicon, 1994)