Periaqueductal Gray


Central Gray Substance of Midbrain

Central Gray, Mesencephalic

Central Gray, Midbrain

Central Periaqueductal Gray

Gray Matter, Periaqueductal

Gray, Central Periaqueductal

Griseum Centrale

Griseum Centrale Mesencephali

Griseum Centrale Mesencephalus

Mesencephalic Central Gray

Midbrain Central Gray

Periaqueductal Gray Matter

Periaqueductal Grays, Central

Substantia Grisea Centralis

Substantia Grisea Centralis Mesencephali

Central gray matter surrounding the CEREBRAL AQUEDUCT in the MESENCEPHALON. Physiologically it is probably involved in RAGE reactions, the LORDOSIS REFLEX; FEEDING responses, bladder tonus, and pain.