Black Death

Black Deaths

Black Plague

Black Plagues

Bubonic Plague

Death, Black

Deaths, Black

Meningeal Plague

Meningeal Plagues

Plague, Black

Plague, Bubonic

Plague, Meningeal

Plague, Pneumonic

Plague, Pulmonic

Plague, Septicemic

Plagues, Black

Plagues, Meningeal

Plagues, Pneumonic

Plagues, Pulmonic

Plagues, Septicemic

Pneumonic Plague

Pneumonic Plagues

Pulmonic Plague

Pulmonic Plagues

Septicemic Plague

Septicemic Plagues

An acute infectious disease caused by YERSINIA PESTIS that affects humans, wild rodents, and their ectoparasites. This condition persists due to its firm entrenchment in sylvatic rodent-flea ecosystems throughout the world. Bubonic plague is the most common form.