Platelet Membrane Glycoprotein IIb


Antigen, CD41

Antigen, HUPL-ml Surface

Antigens, CD41

CD41 Antigen

CD41 Antigens

CD41 Cell Surface Antigen


GPalpha IIb

Glycoprotein IIb, Membrane

HUPL ml Surface Antigen

HUPL-ml Surface Antigen

Integrin alpha IIb

Integrin alphaIIb

Membrane Glycoprotein IIb

Plasma Membrane Glycoprotein IIb

Surface Antigen, HUPL-ml

alphaIIb, Integrin

Platelet membrane glycoprotein IIb is an integrin alpha subunit that heterodimerizes with INTEGRIN BETA3 to form PLATELET GLYCOPROTEIN GPIIB-IIIA COMPLEX. It is synthesized as a single polypeptide chain which is then postranslationally cleaved and processed into two disulfide-linked subunits of approximately 18 and 110 kDa in size.