Posterior Thalamic Nuclei


Complices, Posterior Nuclear

Limitan, Nucleus

Limitans Nucleus

Limitans, Nucleus

Nuclear Complex, Posterior

Nuclear Complices, Posterior

Nuclei, Posterior Thalamic

Nucleus Limitan

Nucleus Limitans

Nucleus, Limitans

Nucleus, Submedial

Nucleus, Supergeniculate

Nucleus, Suprageniculate Thalamic

Posterior Nuclear Complex

Posterior Nuclear Complices

Posterior Nucleus of Thalamus

Posterior Thalamic Nuclear Group

Posterior Thalamic Nucleus

Submedial Nucleus

Supergeniculate Nucleus

Suprageniculate Thalamic Nucleus

Thalamic Nuclei, Posterior

Thalamic Nucleus, Posterior

Thalamic Nucleus, Suprageniculate

Thalamus Posterior Nucleus

A transitional diencephalic zone of the thalamus consisting of complex and varied cells lying caudal to the VENTRAL POSTEROLATERAL NUCLEUS, medial to the rostral part of the PULVINAR, and dorsal to the MEDIAL GENICULATE BODY. It contains the limitans, posterior, suprageniculate, and submedial nuclei.