Primary Ovarian Insufficiency


FMR1 Related Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

FMR1-Related Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Fragile X Associated Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Fragile X-Associated Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Gonadotropin Resistant Ovary Syndrome

Gonadotropin-Resistant Ovary Syndrome

Hypergonadotropic Ovarian Failure, X Linked

Hypergonadotropic Ovarian Failure, X-Linked

Insufficiency, Primary Ovarian

Ovarian Failure, Premature

Ovarian Insufficiency, Primary

Premature Ovarian Failure

Premature Ovarian Failure 1

Premature Ovarian Failure, X Linked

Premature Ovarian Failure, X-Linked

Resistant Ovary Syndrome

X Linked Hypergonadotropic Ovarian Failure

X-Linked Hypergonadotropic Ovarian Failure

Cessation of ovarian function after MENARCHE but before the age of 40, without or with OVARIAN FOLLICLE depletion. It is characterized by the presence of OLIGOMENORRHEA or AMENORRHEA, elevated GONADOTROPINS, and low ESTRADIOL levels. It is a state of female HYPERGONADOTROPIC HYPOGONADISM. Etiologies include genetic defects, autoimmune processes, chemotherapy, radiation, and infections.