Procollagen-Proline Dioxygenase


4-Hydroxylase, Procollagen Prolyl

Dioxygenase, Procollagen-Proline

Hydroxylase, Protocollagen Prolyl

Procollagen Proline Dioxygenase

Procollagen Prolyl 4 Hydroxylase

Procollagen Prolyl 4-Hydroxylase

Procollagen-L-proline,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase

Prolyl 4-Hydroxylase, Procollagen

Prolyl Hydroxylase, Protocollagen

Protocollagen Prolyl Hydroxylase

A mixed-function oxygenase that catalyzes the hydroxylation of a prolyl-glycyl containing peptide, usually in PROTOCOLLAGEN, to a hydroxyprolylglycyl-containing-peptide. The enzyme utilizes molecular OXYGEN with a concomitant oxidative decarboxylation of 2-oxoglutarate to SUCCINATE. The enzyme occurs as a tetramer of two alpha and two beta subunits. The beta subunit of procollagen-proline dioxygenase is identical to the enzyme PROTEIN DISULFIDE-ISOMERASES.