Proline-Rich Protein Domains


Domain, Proline-Rich Peptide

Domain, Proline-Rich Protein

Domains, Proline-Rich Peptide

Domains, Proline-Rich Protein

Peptide Domain, Proline-Rich

Peptide Domains, Proline-Rich

Proline Rich Peptide Domains

Proline Rich Protein Domains

Proline-Rich Peptide Domain

Proline-Rich Peptide Domains

Proline-Rich Protein Domain

Protein Domain, Proline-Rich

Protein Domains, Proline-Rich

Protein domains that are enriched in PROLINE. The cyclical nature of proline causes the peptide bonds it forms to have a limited degree of conformational mobility. Therefore the presence of multiple prolines in close proximity to each other can convey a distinct conformational arrangement to a peptide chain.