Salivary Proline-Rich Proteins


Proline-Rich Proteins, Salivary

Salivary Acidic Proline Rich Proteins

Salivary Acidic Proline-Rich Proteins

Salivary Basic Proline Rich Proteins

Salivary Basic Proline-Rich Proteins

Salivary Glycosylated Basic Proline Rich Proteins

Salivary Glycosylated-Basic Proline-Rich Proteins

Salivary Proline Rich Proteins

A family of proline-rich proteins that constitute the majority of the protein component of SALIVA. Salivary proline-rich proteins occur as acidic, basic and glycosylated basic proteins. They perform a variety of functions such as adhering to the acquired ENAMEL PELLICLE, acting as lubricants and precipitating TANNINS.