Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-maf


Proteins c-maf, Proto-Oncogene

Proto Oncogene Protein c maf

Proto Oncogene Proteins c maf

Proto-Oncogene Protein c-maf

Proto-Oncogene Protein, c-maf

Proto-Oncogene Protein, maf

c-maf Protein

c-maf Proto-Oncogene Protein

c-maf, Proto-Oncogene Protein

c-maf, Proto-Oncogene Proteins

maf Proto Oncogene Protein

maf Proto-Oncogene Protein

Maf proto-oncogene protein is the major cellular homolog of the V-MAF ONCOGENE PROTEIN. It was the first of the mammalian MAF TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS identified, and it is induced in activated T-LYMPHOCYTES and regulates GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION of INTERLEUKIN-4. c-maf is frequently translocated to an immunoglobulin locus in MULTIPLE MYELOMA.