Proto-Oncogene Proteins pp60(c-src)


Phosphoprotein pp60(c-src)

Protein pp60, c-src

Protein src, Proto-Oncogene

Proto Oncogene Protein src

Proto-Oncogene Product, src

Proto-Oncogene Protein pp60(c-src)

Proto-Oncogene Protein src

c src Protein pp60

c-src Protein pp60

c-src, pp60

pp60 c src

pp60 c-src


pp60, c-src Protein

src Proto Oncogene Product

src Proto Oncogene Protein pp60

src Proto-Oncogene Product

src Proto-Oncogene Protein pp60

Membrane-associated tyrosine-specific kinases encoded by the c-src genes. They have an important role in cellular growth control. Truncation of carboxy-terminal residues in pp60(c-src) leads to PP60(V-SRC) which has the ability to transform cells. This kinase pp60 c-src should not be confused with csk, also known as c-src kinase.