Pudendal Nerve


Anal Nerve, Inferior

Anal Nerves, Inferior

Clitoris Dorsal Nerve

Clitoris Dorsal Nerves

Clitoris Nerve, Dorsal

Clitoris Nerves, Dorsal

Dorsal Clitoris Nerve

Dorsal Clitoris Nerves

Dorsal Nerve of Clitoris

Dorsal Nerve of Penis

Dorsal Penile Nerve

Dorsal Penile Nerves

Hemorrhoidal Nerve, Inferior

Hemorrhoidal Nerves, Inferior

Inferior Anal Nerve

Inferior Anal Nerves

Inferior Hemorrhoidal Nerve

Inferior Hemorrhoidal Nerves

Nerve, Dorsal Clitoris

Nerve, Dorsal Penile

Nerve, Inferior Anal

Nerve, Inferior Hemorrhoidal

Nerve, Perineal

Nerve, Pudendal

Nerves, Dorsal Clitoris

Nerves, Dorsal Penile

Nerves, Inferior Anal

Nerves, Inferior Hemorrhoidal

Nerves, Perineal

Nerves, Pudendal

Penile Nerve, Dorsal

Penile Nerves, Dorsal

Penis Dorsal Nerve

Penis Dorsal Nerves

Perineal Nerve

Perineal Nerves

Pudendal Nerves

A nerve which originates in the sacral spinal cord (S2 to S4) and innervates the PERINEUM, the external GENITALIA, the external ANAL SPHINCTER and the external urethral sphincter. It has three major branches: the perineal nerve, inferior anal nerves, and the dorsal nerve of penis or clitoris.