Receptor, Muscarinic M1


M1 Receptor, Muscarinic

M1 Receptors, Muscarinic

M1, Muscarinic Receptor

M1, Muscarinic Receptors

Muscarinic M1 Receptor

Muscarinic M1 Receptors

Muscarinic Receptor M1

Muscarinic Receptors M1

Receptor M1, Muscarinic

Receptors M1, Muscarinic

Receptors, Muscarinic M1

A specific subtype of muscarinic receptor that has a high affinity for the drug PIRENZEPINE. It is found in the peripheral GANGLIA where it signals a variety of physiological functions such as GASTRIC ACID secretion and BRONCHOCONSTRICTION. This subtype of muscarinic receptor is also found in neuronal tissues including the CEREBRAL CORTEX and HIPPOCAMPUS where it mediates the process of MEMORY and LEARNING.