Receptors, IgE


Antigen, CD23

Antigens, CD 23

Antigens, CD23

CD 23 Antigens

CD23 Antigen

CD23 Antigens

Fc Receptors, epsilon

Fc epsilon RI

Fc epsilon RII

Fc epsilon Receptors

IgE Receptors

Immunoglobulin E Receptor

Receptor, Immunoglobulin E

Receptors, Fc epsilon

Receptors, epsilon Fc

epsilon Fc Receptors

epsilon RI, Fc

epsilon RII, Fc

epsilon Receptors, Fc

Specific molecular sites on the surface of B- and T-lymphocytes which combine with IgEs. Two subclasses exist: low affinity receptors (Fc epsilon RII) and high affinity receptors (Fc epsilon RI).