Receptors, Purinergic P1


Adenosine Receptor

Adenosine Receptors

P1 Purinoceptor

P1 Purinoceptors

P1 Receptor, Purinergic

P1 Receptors, Purinergic

Purinergic P1 Receptor

Purinergic P1 Receptors

Purinoceptor, P1

Purinoceptors, P1

Receptor, Adenosine

Receptor, Purinergic P1

Receptors, Adenosine

A class of cell surface receptors that prefer ADENOSINE to other endogenous PURINES. Purinergic P1 receptors are widespread in the body including the cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, and nervous systems. There are at least two pharmacologically distinguishable types (A1 and A2, or Ri and Ra).