Reflex, Babinski


Babinski Reflex

Babinski Reflexes

Babinski Sign

Babinski Sign Absent

Babinski Sign Negative

Babinski Sign Positive

Babinski's Reflex

Babinski's Sign

Extensor Plantar Reflex

Extensor Plantar Response

Great Toe Paradoxical Extensor Reflex

Paradoxical Extensor Reflex, Great Toe

Reflex, Babinski's

Reflexes, Babinski

A reflex found in normal infants consisting of dorsiflexion of the HALLUX and abduction of the other TOES in response to cutaneous stimulation of the plantar surface of the FOOT. In adults, it is used as a diagnostic criterion, and if present is a NEUROLOGIC MANIFESTATION of dysfunction in the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.