Renshaw Cells


Cell, Renshaw

Cells, Renshaw

Ia Inhibitory Interneuron

Ia Inhibitory Interneurons


Inhibitory Interneuron, Ia

Inhibitory Interneurons, Ia

Interneuron, Ia Inhibitory

Interneuron, V1-Derived

Interneurons, Ia Inhibitory

Interneurons, Renshaw

Interneurons, V1-Derived

Renshaw Cell

Renshaw Interneurons

Spinal Cord Ventral Horn Interneuron Renshaw

V1 Derived Interneurons

V1-Derived Interneuron

V1-Derived Interneurons

Ipsilateral glycinergic inhibitory interneurons of the SPINAL CORD VENTRAL HORN which modulate recurrent firing of MOTOR NEURONS. They develop from embryonic progenitor domain V1.Ia inhibitory interneurons which also originate from V1 are responsible for reciprocal inhibition of MOTONEURONS.