Retrograde Degeneration


Axon Reaction

Axon Reactions

Axonal Reaction

Axonal Reactions

Degeneration, Nissl

Degeneration, Retrograde

Degeneration, Trans-Synaptic

Degeneration, Transneuronal Retrograde

Degenerations, Retrograde

Degenerations, Trans-Synaptic

Degenerations, Transneuronal Retrograde

Nissl Degeneration

Reaction, Axon

Reaction, Axonal

Reactions, Axon

Reactions, Axonal

Retrograde Degeneration, Transneuronal

Retrograde Degenerations

Retrograde Degenerations, Transneuronal

Trans Synaptic Degeneration

Trans-Synaptic Degeneration

Trans-Synaptic Degenerations

Transneuronal Retrograde Degeneration

Transneuronal Retrograde Degenerations

Pathologic changes that occur in the axon and cell body of a neuron proximal to an axonal lesion. The process is characterized by central chromatolysis which features flattening and displacement of the nucleus, loss of Nissl bodies, and cellular edema. Central chromatolysis primarily occurs in lower motor neurons.