Rh Isoimmunization


Isoimmunization, Rh

Isoimmunization, Rhesus

Isoimmunizations, Rh

Isoimmunizations, Rhesus

Rh Isoimmunizations

Rh Sensitization

Rh Sensitizations

Rhesus Isoimmunization

Rhesus Isoimmunizations

Sensitization, Rh

Sensitizations, Rh

The process by which fetal Rh+ erythrocytes enter the circulation of an Rh- mother, causing her to produce IMMUNOGLOBULIN G antibodies, which can cross the placenta and destroy the erythrocytes of Rh+ fetuses. Rh isoimmunization can also be caused by BLOOD TRANSFUSION with mismatched blood.