RNA-Binding Protein FUS


FUS Protein

FUS RNA Binding Protein

FUS RNA-Binding Protein

Fusion Protein in Myxoid Liposarcoma

POMp75 Protein

RNA Binding Protein FUS

RNA-Binding Protein, FUS

TLS Protein

Translocated in Liposarcoma Protein

hnRNP P2

A multifunctional heterogeneous-nuclear ribonucleoprotein that may play a role in homologous DNA pairing and recombination. The N-terminal portion of protein is a potent transcriptional activator, while the C terminus is required for RNA binding. The name FUS refers to the fact that genetic recombination events result in fusion oncogene proteins (ONCOGENE PROTEINS, FUSION) that contain the N-terminal region of this protein. These fusion proteins have been found in myxoid liposarcoma (LIPOSARCOMA, MYXOID) and acute myeloid leukemia.