S100A12 Protein


A12 Protein, S100

C Protein, Calgranulin

CAAF1 Protein

Calgranulin C Protein

EN RAGE Protein

EN-RAGE Protein

ENRAGE Protein

MRP 6 Protein

MRP-6 Protein

Protein, CAAF1

Protein, Calgranulin C

Protein, EN-RAGE

Protein, ENRAGE

Protein, MRP-6

Protein, S100 A12

Protein, S100A12

S100 A12 Protein


A member of the S100 PROTEIN FAMILY that regulates INFLAMMATION and the immune response. It recruits LEUKOCYTES, promotes cytokine and chemokine production, and regulates leukocyte adhesion and migration. S100A12 can also function via binding to ADVANCED GLYCOSYLATION END PRODUCT-SPECIFIC RECEPTORS, to stimulate innate immune cells.