Single-Chain Antibodies


Antibodies, ScFv

Antibodies, Single-Chain

Antibody, Single-Chain Fv

Fragment, Single-Chain Variable

Fragments, Single-Chain Variable

Fv Antibody Fragments, Single Chain

Fv Antibody Fragments, Single-Chain

Fv Antibody, Single-Chain

Fv, Single-Chain

ScFv Antibodies

Single Chain Antibodies

Single Chain Fv

Single Chain Fv Antibody

Single Chain Fv Antibody Fragments

Single Chain Variable Fragment

Single Chain Variable Fragment Antibodies

Single Chain Variable Fragment Antibody

Single Chain Variable Fragments

Single-Chain Fv

Single-Chain Fv Antibody

Single-Chain Fv Antibody Fragments

Single-Chain Variable Fragment

Single-Chain Variable Fragment Antibodies

Single-Chain Variable Fragment Antibody

Single-Chain Variable Fragments

Variable Fragment, Single-Chain

Variable Fragments, Single-Chain

A form of antibodies consisting only of the variable regions of the heavy and light chains (FV FRAGMENTS), connected by a small linker peptide. They are less immunogenic than complete immunoglobulin and thus have potential therapeutic use.