Sterilization, Reproductive


Female Sterilization

Female Sterilization, Voluntary

Female Sterilizations

Female Sterilizations, Voluntary

Male Sterilization

Male Sterilization, Voluntary

Male Sterilizations

Male Sterilizations, Voluntary

Reproductive Sterilization

Reproductive Sterilizations

Sterilization, Female

Sterilization, Male

Sterilization, Voluntary

Sterilizations, Female

Sterilizations, Male

Sterilizations, Reproductive

Sterilizations, Voluntary

Voluntary Female Sterilization

Voluntary Female Sterilizations

Voluntary Male Sterilization

Voluntary Male Sterilizations

Voluntary Sterilization

Voluntary Sterilizations

Procedures to block or remove all or part of the genital tract for the purpose of rendering individuals sterile, incapable of reproduction. Surgical sterilization procedures are the most commonly used. There are also sterilization procedures involving chemical or physical means.