Tectum Mesencephali


Colliculus Commissure, Inferior

Colliculus Commissure, Superior

Colliculus Commissures, Inferior

Colliculus Commissures, Superior

Commissure of Inferior Colliculus

Commissure of Superior Colliculus

Corpora Quadrigemina

Inferior Colliculus Commissure

Inferior Colliculus Commissures

Lamina Quadrigemina

Mesencephalus, Tectum

Plate, Quadrigeminal

Plates, Quadrigeminal

Quadrigemina, Corpora

Quadrigemina, Lamina

Quadrigeminal Plate

Quadrigeminal Plates

Superior Colliculus Commissure

Superior Colliculus Commissures

Tectum Mesencephalus

The dorsal portion or roof of the midbrain which is composed of two pairs of bumps, the INFERIOR COLLICULI and the SUPERIOR COLLICULI. These four colliculi are also called the quadrigeminal bodies (TECTUM MESENCEPHALI). They are centers for visual sensorimotor integration.