Turner Syndrome


Bonnevie Ullrich Syndrome

Bonnevie-Ullrich Syndrome

Gonadal Dysgenesis, 45,X

Gonadal Dysgenesis, XO

Monosomy X

Status Bonnevie Ullrich

Status Bonnevie-Ullrich

Syndrome, Ullrich-Turner

Turner's Syndrome

Turners Syndrome

Ullrich Turner Syndrome

Ullrich-Turner Syndrome

XO Gonadal Dysgenesis

A syndrome of defective gonadal development in phenotypic females associated with the karyotype 45,X (or 45,XO). Patients generally are of short stature with undifferentiated GONADS (streak gonads), SEXUAL INFANTILISM, HYPOGONADISM, webbing of the neck, cubitus valgus, elevated GONADOTROPINS, decreased ESTRADIOL level in blood, and CONGENITAL HEART DEFECTS. NOONAN SYNDROME (also called Pseudo-Turner Syndrome and Male Turner Syndrome) resembles this disorder; however, it occurs in males and females with a normal karyotype and is inherited as an autosomal dominant.