Type I Secretion Systems


Bacterial Secretion Systems, Type I

Secretion System, T1SS

System, T1SS Secretion

T1SS Secretion System

Type 1 Secretion System

Type 1 Secretion Systems

Type I Secretion System

Gram-negative bacterial secretion systems which translocate effectors in a single step across the inner and outer membranes. The one-step secretion is carried out by a channel that passes from the CYTOPLASM, through the inner membrane, PERIPLASMIC SPACE, and outer membrane, to the EXTRACELLULAR SPACE. The specificity of type I secretions systems are determined by the specificity of the three subcomponents forming the channel - an ATP transporter (ATP-BINDING CASSETTE TRANSPORTERS); a membrane fusion protein (MEMBRANE FUSION PROTEINS); and an outer membrane protein (BACTERIAL OUTER MEMBRANE PROTEINS.)