Type II Secretion Systems


Bacterial Secretion System, Type II

Secretion System, T2SS

System, T2SS Secretion

T2SS Secretion System

Type 2 Secretion System

Type 2 Secretion Systems

Type II Secretion System

Gram-negative bacterial secretion systems which carry out the secretion of folded proteins.T2SSs secrete folded proteins from the PERIPLASMIC SPACE that have been exported there by SEC TRANSLOCASE or TAT SECRETION SYSTEMS, or they secrete folded proteins directly from the CYTOPLASM. The T2SSs have four substructures, an ATPase, an inner membrane platform, a pseudopilin, and secretin, an outer membrane complex which is a channel for secretion. (This bacterial secretin is not the same as the mammalian hormone also named SECRETIN.)