Type V Secretion Systems



Bacterial Secretion System, Type V

Secretion Systems, Two-Partner

Systems, Two-Partner Secretion

Two Partner Secretion Systems

Two-Partner Secretion Systems

Type 5 Secretion System

Type 5 Secretion Systems

Type V Secretion System

Secretion systems of GRAM-NEGATIVE BACTERIA (single membrane proteins or multiprotein complexes) that carry out secretion of proteins from the PERIPLASMIC SPACE to the EXTRACELLULAR SPACE via a beta-barrel transmembrane pore. There are several T5SS subtypes: T5aSS monomeric autotransporters, T5bSS two-partner secretions systems (TPSS), T5cSS trimeric autotransporters, T5dSS fused two-partner secretion systems, and T5eSS autotransporters with inverted domains.