Ventricular Myosins


Cardiac alpha Myosin

Cardiac alpha-Myosin

Cardiac alpha-Myosin, Ventricular

Cardiac beta Myosin

Cardiac beta-Myosin

Cardiac beta-Myosin, Ventricular

Isomyosins, Ventricular

Myosin V1

Myosin V2

Myosin V3

Myosin, Ventricular

Myosins, Ventricular

Ventricular Cardiac alpha Myosin

Ventricular Cardiac alpha-Myosin

Ventricular Cardiac beta Myosin

Ventricular Cardiac beta-Myosin

Ventricular Isomyosins

Ventricular Myosin

Ventricular alpha Myosin

Ventricular alpha, beta Myosin

Ventricular alpha, beta- Myosin

Ventricular alpha-Myosin

Ventricular beta Myosin

Ventricular beta-Myosin

alpha Myosin


alpha-Myosin, Cardiac

alpha-Myosin, Ventricular

alpha-Myosin, Ventricular Cardiac

beta Myosin


beta-Myosin, Cardiac

beta-Myosin, Ventricular

beta-Myosin, Ventricular Cardiac

Isoforms of MYOSIN TYPE II, specifically found in the ventricular muscle of the HEART. Defects in the genes encoding ventricular myosins result in FAMILIAL HYPERTROPHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY.