Vestibulocochlear Nerve Diseases


Acoustic Nerve Disease

Acoustic Nerve Diseases

Acoustic Nerve Disorder

Acoustic Nerve Disorders

Cochlear Nerve Disease

Cochlear Nerve Diseases

Cochlear Nerve Disorder

Cochlear Nerve Disorders

Cochlear Neuritides

Cochlear Neuritis

Cranial Nerve VIII Diseases

Cranial Nerve VIII Disorders

Eighth Cranial Nerve Diseases

Neuritides, Cochlear

Neuritis, Cochlear

Vestibular Nerve Disease

Vestibular Nerve Diseases

Vestibular Nerve Disorder

Vestibular Nerve Disorders

Vestibulocochlear Nerve Disease

Pathological processes of the VESTIBULOCOCHLEAR NERVE, including the branches of COCHLEAR NERVE and VESTIBULAR NERVE. Common examples are VESTIBULAR NEURITIS, cochlear neuritis, and ACOUSTIC NEUROMA. Clinical signs are varying degree of HEARING LOSS; VERTIGO; and TINNITUS.