Vitamin D-Binding Protein


25 HCC Binding Protein

25 Hydroxycholecalciferol Binding Protein

25 Hydroxyvitamin D Binding Protein

25-HCC-Binding Protein

25-Hydroxycholecalciferol-Binding Protein

25-Hydroxyvitamin D-Binding Protein

Calciferol Binding Protein

Calciferol-Binding Protein

Component Globulin, Group-Specific

Gc Globulin

Globulin, Gc

Globulin, Group-Specific Component

Globulin, Vitamin D-Binding

Group Specific Component Globulin

Group-Specific Component Globulin


Vitamin D Binding Globulin

Vitamin D Binding Protein

Vitamin D-Binding Globulin

An alpha-globulin found in the plasma of man and other vertebrates. It is apparently synthesized in the liver and carries vitamin D and its metabolites through the circulation and mediates the response of tissue. It is also known as group-specific component (Gc). Gc subtypes are used to determine specific phenotypes and gene frequencies. These data are employed in the classification of population groups, paternity investigations, and in forensic medicine.