WD40 Repeats


Motif, WD40

Motifs, WD40

Repeat, WD

Repeat, WD40

Repeat, beta-Transducin

Repeats, WD

Repeats, WD40

Repeats, beta-Transducin

WD Repeat

WD Repeats

WD40 Motif

WD40 Motifs

WD40 Repeat

beta Transducin Repeats

beta-Transducin Repeat

beta-Transducin Repeats

Protein interaction motifs of approximately 40 amino acids that usually terminate in TRYPTOPHAN and ASPARTIC ACID. They form characteristic beta-propeller structures and occur in many eukaryotic proteins that function in a variety of cellular processes. Proteins that contain WD40 repeats often function as assembly platforms for MULTIPROTEIN COMPLEXES.