Wnt Signaling Pathway


Canonical Wnt Pathway

Canonical Wnt Pathways

Pathway, Canonical Wnt

Pathway, Wnt

Pathway, Wnt Signaling

Pathways, Canonical Wnt

Pathways, Wnt

Pathways, Wnt Signaling

Signaling Pathway, Wnt

Signaling Pathways, Wnt

Wnt Pathway

Wnt Pathway, Canonical

Wnt Pathways

Wnt Pathways, Canonical

Wnt Signaling Pathways

Wnt beta Catenin Signaling Pathway

Wnt beta-Catenin Signaling Pathway

A complex signaling pathway whose name is derived from the DROSOPHILA Wg gene, which when mutated results in the wingless phenotype, and the vertebrate INT gene, which is located near integration sites of MOUSE MAMMARY TUMOR VIRUS. The signaling pathway is initiated by the binding of WNT PROTEINS to cells surface WNT RECEPTORS which interact with the AXIN SIGNALING COMPLEX and an array of second messengers that influence the actions of BETA CATENIN.