Fagara ailanthoide

Fagara ailanthoides

Fagara boninenses

Fagara boninensis

Fagara coco

Fagara cocos

Fagara cuspidata

Fagara cuspidatas

Fagara heitzii

Fagara heitzius

Fagara leprieurii

Fagara leprieurius

Fagara macrophylla

Fagara macrophyllas

Fagara mayu

Fagara mayus

Fagara monophyllum

Fagara monophyllums

Fagara nitidum

Fagara nitidums

Fagara rhetza

Fagara rhetzas

Fagara rubescen

Fagara rubescens

Fagara tessmannii

Fagara tessmannius

Fagara xanthoxyloide

Fagara xanthoxyloides

Fagara zanthoxyloide

Fagara zanthoxyloides


Xanthoxylum cuspidatum

Xanthoxylum cuspidatums

Xanthoxylum inerme

Xanthoxylum inermes


Zanthoxylum ailanthoide

Zanthoxylum ailanthoides

Zanthoxylum coco

Zanthoxylum cocos

Zanthoxylum fagara

Zanthoxylum fagaras

Zanthoxylum gilletii

Zanthoxylum gilletius

Zanthoxylum heitzii

Zanthoxylum heitzius

Zanthoxylum leprieurii

Zanthoxylum leprieurius

Zanthoxylum mayu

Zanthoxylum mayus

Zanthoxylum monophyllum

Zanthoxylum monophyllums

Zanthoxylum nitidum

Zanthoxylum nitidums

Zanthoxylum rhetza

Zanthoxylum rhetzas

Zanthoxylum rubescen

Zanthoxylum rubescens


ailanthoide, Fagara

ailanthoide, Zanthoxylum

ailanthoides, Fagara

ailanthoides, Zanthoxylum

boninenses, Fagara

coco, Fagara

coco, Zanthoxylum

cocos, Fagara

cocos, Zanthoxylum

cuspidata, Fagara

cuspidatas, Fagara

cuspidatum, Xanthoxylum

cuspidatums, Xanthoxylum

fagaras, Zanthoxylum

gilletii, Zanthoxylum

gilletius, Zanthoxylum

heitzii, Fagara

heitzii, Zanthoxylum

heitzius, Fagara

heitzius, Zanthoxylum

inerme, Xanthoxylum

leprieurii, Fagara

leprieurii, Zanthoxylum

leprieurius, Fagara

leprieurius, Zanthoxylum

macrophylla, Fagara

macrophyllas, Fagara

mayu, Fagara

mayu, Zanthoxylum

mayus, Fagara

mayus, Zanthoxylum

monophyllum, Fagara

monophyllum, Zanthoxylum

monophyllums, Fagara

monophyllums, Zanthoxylum

nitidum, Fagara

nitidum, Zanthoxylum

nitidums, Fagara

nitidums, Zanthoxylum

rhetza, Fagara

rhetza, Zanthoxylum

rubescen, Fagara

rubescen, Zanthoxylum

rubescens, Fagara

rubescens, Zanthoxylum

tessmannii, Fagara

tessmannius, Fagara

xanthoxyloides, Fagara

zanthoxyloides, Fagara

A plant genus of the family RUTACEAE. Some members of Zanthoxylum are reclassified from ELEUTHEROCOCCUS, Melicope, and EVODIA. The twigs are used as dental brushing sticks (TOOTHBRUSHING). Most plants that are called Fagara have been reclassified as Zanthoxylum, however some Fagara were reclassified to MELICOPE (also in the Rutacea family) or to GLEDITSIA (a genus in the FABACEAE family).