AC133 Antigen


AC133 1 Antigen

AC133 2 Antigen

AC133-1 Antigen

AC133-2 Antigen

AC141 Antigen

Antigen, AC133

Antigen, AC133-1

Antigen, AC133-2

Antigen, AC141

Antigen, CD133

CD133 Antigen



PROML1, Prominin-Like


Prominin 1

Prominin Like PROML1


Prominin-Like PROML1

A member of the prominin family, AC133 Antigen is a 5-transmembrane antigen occurring as several isoforms produced by alternative splicing which are processed into mature forms. In humans, it is expressed as a subset of CD34 (bright) human hematopoietic stem cells and CD34 positive leukemias. Functionally, it is associated with roles in cell differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis. Specifically, it regulates the organization of apical plasma membrane in epithelial cells, disk morphogenesis during early retinal development, MAPK and Akt signaling pathways, and in cholesterol metabolism.