Anthemis cotula

Anthemis cotulas

Camomile, Stinking

Camomiles, Stinking

Chamomile, Stinking

Chamomiles, Stinking

Dog Fennel

Dog Fennels

Fennel, Dog

Fennels, Dog

Mayweed, Stinking

Mayweeds, Stinking

Stinking Camomile

Stinking Camomiles

Stinking Chamomile

Stinking Chamomiles

Stinking Mayweed

Stinking Mayweeds

cotulas, Anthemis

A plant genus of the family ASTERACEAE that is similar to MATRICARIA but this has tiny chaffy bract scales between each pair of florets. Members contain sesquiterpene lactones. Other plants with similar common names include FERULA; FOENICULUM; MATRICARIA; CHAMAEMELUM and TRIPLEUROSPERMUM.