Antigen-Presenting Cells


Accessory Cell, Immunologic

Accessory Cells, Immunologic

Antigen Presenting Cells

Antigen-Presenting Cell

Cell, Antigen-Presenting

Cell, Immunologic Accessory

Cells, Antigen-Presenting

Cells, Immunologic Accessory

Immunologic Accessory Cell

Immunologic Accessory Cells

A heterogeneous group of immunocompetent cells that mediate the cellular immune response by processing and presenting antigens to the T-cells. Traditional antigen-presenting cells include MACROPHAGES; DENDRITIC CELLS; LANGERHANS CELLS; and B-LYMPHOCYTES. FOLLICULAR DENDRITIC CELLS are not traditional antigen-presenting cells, but because they hold antigen on their cell surface in the form of IMMUNE COMPLEXES for B-cell recognition they are considered so by some authors.