Crohn Disease


Colitis, Granulomatous

Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Enteritis

Crohns Disease

Enteritis, Granulomatous

Enteritis, Regional

Granulomatous Colitis

Granulomatous Enteritis

Ileitis, Regional

Ileitis, Terminal


Inflammatory Bowel Disease 1

Regional Enteritis

Regional Ileitides

Regional Ileitis

Terminal Ileitis

A chronic transmural inflammation that may involve any part of the DIGESTIVE TRACT from MOUTH to ANUS, mostly found in the ILEUM, the CECUM, and the COLON. In Crohn disease, the inflammation, extending through the intestinal wall from the MUCOSA to the serosa, is characteristically asymmetric and segmental. Epithelioid GRANULOMAS may be seen in some patients.