Dentate Gyrus


Area Dentata

Area Dentatas

CA4 Field of Hippocampal Formation

CA4 Field, Hippocampal

CA4 Region, Hippocampal

CA4 of Lorente de No

CA4, Hippocampal Sector

Cornu Ammonis 4 Area

Dentata, Area

Dentata, Fascia

Dentatas, Area

Dentate Fascia

Fascia Dentata

Fascia, Dentate

Field, Hippocampal CA4

Gyrus Dentatus

Gyrus, Dentate

Hilus Gyri Dentati

Hilus of Dentate Gyrus

Hilus of the Fascia Dentata

Hippocampal CA4 Field

Hippocampal CA4 Region

Hippocampal Sector CA4

Region, Hippocampal CA4

Sector CA4, Hippocampal

GRAY MATTER situated above the GYRUS HIPPOCAMPI. It is composed of three layers. The molecular layer is continuous with the HIPPOCAMPUS in the hippocampal fissure. The granular layer consists of closely arranged spherical or oval neurons, called GRANULE CELLS, whose AXONS pass through the polymorphic layer ending on the DENDRITES of PYRAMIDAL CELLS in the hippocampus.