Entorhinal Cortex


Area Entorhinali

Area Entorhinalis

Area, Entorhinal

Areas, Entorhinal

Cortex, Entorhinal

Cortex, Secondary Olfactory

Cortices, Entorhinal

Cortices, Secondary Olfactory

Entorhinal Area

Entorhinal Areas

Entorhinal Cortices

Entorhinali, Area

Entorhinalis, Area

Olfactory Cortex, Secondary

Olfactory Cortices, Secondary

Secondary Olfactory Cortex

Secondary Olfactory Cortices

Cerebral cortex region on the medial aspect of the PARAHIPPOCAMPAL GYRUS, immediately caudal to the OLFACTORY CORTEX of the uncus. The entorhinal cortex is the origin of the major neural fiber system afferent to the HIPPOCAMPAL FORMATION, the so-called PERFORANT PATHWAY.