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Genes, HTLV-I rex

Genes, HTLV-I tax

Genes, HTLV-II rex

Genes, HTLV-II tax

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Genes, rex

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HTLV-I rex Genes

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HTLV-II tax Genes

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rex Genes, HTLV-I

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tax Genes, HTLV-I

tax Genes, HTLV-II

DNA sequences that form the coding region for at least three proteins which regulate the expression of HUMAN T-LYMPHOTROPIC VIRUS 1 and HUMAN T-LYMPHOTROPIC VIRUS 2. The proteins are p21(x), p27(rex), and p40(tax). The tax (trans-activator x) and rex (regulator x) genes are part of pX but are in overlapping reading frames. X was the original designation for the sequences or region (at that time of unknown function) in the long open reading frame (lor) which is now called pX.