Integrin alpha6beta1


CD49f CD29


Glycoprotein I'c-IIa, Platelet

I'c-IIa, Platelet Glycoprotein

Integrin alpha(6)beta(1)

Integrin alpha6Abeta1

Integrin alpha6Bbeta1

Integrin, alpha6beta1

Platelet Glycoprotein I'c IIa

Platelet Glycoprotein I'c-IIa



alpha 6 beta 1 Integrin

alpha6Abeta1, Integrin

alpha6Bbeta1, Integrin

alpha6beta1 Integrin

alpha6beta1, Integrin

A cell surface receptor mediating cell adhesion to the EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX and to other cells via binding to LAMININ. It is involved in cell migration, embryonic development, leukocyte activation and tumor cell invasiveness. Integrin alpha6beta1 is the major laminin receptor on PLATELETS; LEUKOCYTES; and many EPITHELIAL CELLS, and ligand binding may activate a number of signal transduction pathways. Alternative splicing of the cytoplasmic domain of the alpha6 subunit (INTEGRIN ALPHA6) results in the formation of A and B isoforms of the heterodimer, which are expressed in a tissue-specific manner.