Intra-Abdominal Fat


Abdominal Visceral Fat

Abdominal Visceral Fats

Adipose Tissue, Intra-Abdominal

Adipose Tissue, Retroperitoneal

Adipose Tissue, Visceral

Fat, Abdominal Visceral

Fat, Intra Abdominal

Fat, Intra-Abdominal

Fat, Retroperitoneal

Fat, Visceral

Fats, Abdominal Visceral

Fats, Intra-Abdominal

Fats, Retroperitoneal

Fats, Visceral

Intra Abdominal Adipose Tissue

Intra Abdominal Fat

Intra-Abdominal Adipose Tissue

Intra-Abdominal Fats

Retroperitoneal Adipose Tissue

Retroperitoneal Fat

Retroperitoneal Fats

Visceral Adipose Tissue

Visceral Fat

Visceral Fats

Fatty tissue inside the ABDOMINAL CAVITY, including visceral fat and retroperitoneal fat. It is the most metabolically active fat in the body and easily accessible for LIPOLYSIS. Increased visceral fat is associated with metabolic complications of OBESITY.