Lateral Thalamic Nuclei


Lateral Dorsal Nucleus

Lateral Dorsal Thalamic Nucleus

Lateral Nuclear Group

Lateral Nucleus Of Thalamus

Lateral Posterior Nucleus

Lateral Posterior Nucleus Of The Thalamus

Lateral Posterior Thalamic Nucleus

Lateralis Posterior, Nucleus

Lateralis Posteriors, Nucleus

Laterodorsal Thalamic Nucleus

Nuclear Group, Lateral

Nuclei, Lateral Thalamic

Nucleus Lateralis Posterior

Nucleus Lateralis Posteriors

Nucleus, Lateral Dorsal

Nucleus, Lateral Posterior

Nucleus, Lateral Thalamic

Nucleus, Laterodorsal Thalamic

Posterior, Nucleus Lateralis

Posteriors, Nucleus Lateralis

Thalamic Nuclei, Lateral

Thalamic Nucleus, Laterodorsal

A narrow strip of cell groups on the dorsomedial surface of the thalamus. It includes the lateral dorsal nucleus, lateral posterior nucleus, and the PULVINAR.