Mollusk Venoms


Conus Venom

Conus Venoms

Mollusc Venoms

Mollusk Venom

Octopus Venom

Octopus Venoms

Snail Venom

Snail Venoms

Venom, Conus

Venom, Mollusk

Venom, Octopus

Venom, Snail

Venoms, Conus

Venoms, Mollusc

Venoms, Mollusk

Venoms, Octopus

Venoms, Snail

Venoms from mollusks, including CONUS and OCTOPUS species. The venoms contain proteins, enzymes, choline derivatives, slow-reacting substances, and several characterized polypeptide toxins that affect the nervous system. Mollusk venoms include cephalotoxin, venerupin, maculotoxin, surugatoxin, conotoxins, and murexine.