Motor Neurons, Gamma


Fusimotor Neuron

Fusimotor Neurons

Gamma Motor Neuron

Gamma Motor Neurons

Gamma Motorneuron

Gamma Motorneurons

Gamma-Efferent Motor Neuron

Gamma-Efferent Motor Neurons

Motor Neuron, Gamma

Motor Neuron, Gamma-Efferent

Motor Neurons, Gamma Efferent

Motor Neurons, Gamma-Efferent

Motorneuron, Gamma

Motorneurons, Gamma

Neuron, Fusimotor

Neuron, Gamma Motor

Neuron, Gamma-Efferent Motor

Neurons, Fusimotor

Neurons, Gamma Motor

Neurons, Gamma-Efferent Motor

Motor neurons which activate the contractile regions of intrafusal SKELETAL MUSCLE FIBERS, thus adjusting the sensitivity of the MUSCLE SPINDLES to stretch. Gamma motor neurons may be "static" or "dynamic" according to which aspect of responsiveness (or which fiber types) they regulate. The alpha and gamma motor neurons are often activated together (alpha gamma coactivation) which allows the spindles to contribute to the control of movement trajectories despite changes in muscle length.