Moyamoya Disease


Cerebrovascular Moyamoya Disease

Classic Moyamoya Disease

Disease, Classic Moyamoya

Disease, Moya-Moya

Disease, Primary Moyamoya

Moya Moya Disease

Moya-Moya Disease

Moyamoya Disease, Classic

Moyamoya Disease, Primary

Moyamoya Disease, Secondary

Moyamoya Diseases, Primary

Moyamoya Syndrome

Primary Moyamoya Disease

Primary Moyamoya Diseases

Progressive Intracranial Occlusive Arteropathy (Moyamoya)

Secondary Moyamoya Disease

A noninflammatory, progressive occlusion of the intracranial CAROTID ARTERIES and the formation of netlike collateral arteries arising from the CIRCLE OF WILLIS. Cerebral angiogram shows the puff-of-smoke (moyamoya) collaterals at the base of the brain. It is characterized by endothelial HYPERPLASIA and FIBROSIS with thickening of arterial walls. This disease primarily affects children but can also occur in adults.